I am Douglas Robson

I make awesome films

and I love to do so.


I believe the world is full of magnificent and positive stories. Douglas Robson Films strives to leave a positive impression on the world for your brand or corporate identity

Every project existing in this world is a result of an idea and every idea has a cause. Douglas Robson Films exists to get to the core of your cause and to show people why they should care about you. In this process we aim to make these people true believers and advents of your cause.


Douglas Robson Films is a one stop shop, where all your wishes about your film can be brought to life.

No matter if you wish to make a promotional film or a vlog, a product video or testimonial. Douglas Robson Films can deliver in all aspects of filmmaking. Be it for web or national tv. With knowledge and insight I deliver results and with a large network of media freelancers, I am able to go to the next level for your film.


Every extraordinary and awesome film has to start somewhere. I believe it starts when you start looking for ways to expand your business. At that moment many powerful ideas come to life, albeit raw and incoherent. Though powerful and invigorating, this moment is also fleeting. With everyday business demanding your attention, chances are, your ideas evaporate.

As a filmmaker every film I make has to be the best. Every film starts with an idea. So in order to make it the best, an idea has to be turned inside and out. Is it the best idea or does a different approach yield a better film and better show your brand. We start with you, your need and the result you expect. We take into account what your clients wish to know and believe in about you… and when the idea can weather this, we go make a film make the best film about you.



Excited? So am I!

If you are looking for a unique film, portraying the soul of your company,
please feel free to contact me.